Aliscio Disposable Cosmetic Applicator Kit


If you are a beauty therapist, cosmetic consultant or need a handy collection of disposable cosmetic applicators for work, travel or everyday use, then you will love Aliscio’s Disposable Cosmetic Applicator Kits.





Containing the following disposable cosmetic applicators in a clear clip seal bag, Aliscio’s Disposable Cosmetic Applicator Kits are convenient, affordable and hygienic.


Aliscio Disposable Cosmetic Applicator Kit contains:-

1 x disposable cosmetic spatula

1 x disposable mascara brush

1 x disposable eyeshadow applicator

1 x disposable lipgloss applicator

1 x disposable lipstick applicator brush

1 x disposable sponge slice

2 x cotton bud sticks