Vegan Makeup

All Aliscio products are Totally Vegan. All Aliscio products do not use ingredients derived from, or tested on, animals.

What does ‘’vegan’’ mean?

  • No animal testing of any kind can be performed or utilised.
  • No animal derived ingredients are used in making the product.
  • No components made from animals or produced from animals are used.

Many companies that market their products as natural or cruelty free cannot label their products as vegan.

Numerous natural cosmetic and skincare products contain animal derived ingredients such as beeswax, honey, lanolin or goats milk. In vegan cosmetics, no animal derived ingredients can be used.

Some commonly used animal derived ingredients used in cosmetics are:

  • Carmine – a red pigment commonly used in lipsticks, blush, eyeshadow and foundation. This red dye is made from crushed insects. Carmine is not used in any Aliscio products.
  • Elastin – used commonly in skin moisturisers and body lotions. Elastin is made from animal connective tissue. Aliscio products do not contain Elastin.
  • Lanolin – is used in a variety of skin care products to condition, moisturise and soften the skin. Lanolin is derived from the fatty substance in sheep’s wool. Aliscio cosmetics use plant oils as softening agents in place of lanolin.
  • Squalene – commonly used in skin care products and moisturisers. Squalene can be derived from either shark livers or olives. Squalene used in Aliscio products has been derived from olives.
  • Lecithin – is a waxy substance that can be derived from plants or animals. It is commonly used in a variety of cosmetics products including body lotions and lipsticks. Lecithin that is used in Aliscio products is derived from plants and not animals.
  • Numerous cosmetic tools/brushes are made from animal hair such as horse or squirrel.

Aliscio Vegan Makeup is proud to provide a high quality deluxe product that is 100% natural, totally vegan and cruelty free.  🙂


Have a naturally beautiful day Vegan Makeup