Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Order

  • Buyers placing an order to purchase Aliscio Cosmetics products agree to all Aliscio Cosmetics policies, terms and conditions.  Aliscio Cosmetics have the right to modify or change their policies, terms and conditions at any time.
  • Buyers must be 18 years of age or over to place an online order with Aliscio Cosmetics.  Aliscio Cosmetics deem that a buyer placing an order online has the legal capacity to transact.
  • All orders received by Aliscio Cosmetics are deemed to be an offer to purchase.  All offers are conditional to acceptance by Aliscio Cosmetics.  Aliscio Cosmetics can refuse to accept an offer for any reason.  The purchase agreement is fulfilled when Aliscio Cosmetics supply the designated carrier with products for shipping to the buyer.
  • Payment for Aliscio products must be satisfied and received in full by Aliscio Cosmetics prior to products being dispatched for shipping to the buyer.

Intended Use

  • Aliscio Cosmetic products are intended for cosmetic purposes only.  When purchasing Aliscio products buyers agree to use the products for the intended use only.
  • Buyers agree that the use of Aliscio products is at the buyer’s risk.  Buyers agree this risk commences upon receipt of ordered products from the shipping carrier. Aliscio Cosmetics is not responsible for any damage, injury or loss as a result of buyer’s use of Aliscio Cosmetic products.

Pricing Policy

  • Pricing for all Aliscio Cosmetics products are displayed and processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • Aliscio Cosmetics have the right to change, alter or modify any prices of products, promotional products, products on sale, coupon discounts, or postage and shipping costs at any time without notice.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics accepts only Visa, Master Card and PayPal for payment for all products ordered online.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics does not accept payment for purchases by any credit cards issued from any banks outside of Australia.  For international purchases, Pay Pal must be used to process payment.
  • When payment is made through credit card for Aliscio products, the buyer is responsible for ensuring that all credit card information supplied to Aliscio Cosmetics is valid, the buyer has legal authority to utilise the credit card for purchases and the buyer’s credit card company will honour all charges for purchases and orders placed.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics agrees to take all reasonable care to ensure payments made online are secure.  The buyer assumes the risk when transmitting personal data online.  Aliscio Cosmetics does not assume responsibility for unauthorised access to the buyer’s data whilst ordering and purchasing products online.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics accepts direct deposit for purchases in certain circumstances.  Orders placed through registered Aliscio Consultants may be purchased via direct deposit. In these situations the Aliscio Consultant will provide the buyer with Aliscio bank account and other required details.  All payment and buyer details must be received by Aliscio Cosmetics prior to products being dispatched and shipped to the buyer.
  • If buyers wish to make payment by direct deposit directly through Aliscio Cosmetics, they must contact Aliscio Cosmetics Head Office prior to placing an order and seek a direct deposit order form and required details.


  • Aliscio Cosmetics advertises product or discount coupons for buyers to use in certain circumstances.
  • Each Aliscio Cosmetics coupon states a particular code for use with that particular offer or product which is detailed on the discount coupon.
  • The correct Aliscio Cosmetics coupon code must be entered by the buyer at the time of purchase for the coupon to be valid.
  • Only one Aliscio Cosmetics coupon can be used per order.  Buyers are unable to use multiple coupons for orders.
  • Each Aliscio Cosmetics coupon may display an expiry date. Aliscio Cosmetics coupons are unable to be used after the stated expiry date.
  • Expiry dates of coupons may be modified, extended or expired at any time by Aliscio Cosmetics.

Intellectual Property

  • All details, documents and information relating to Aliscio Cosmetics including text, graphics, logos, compilations, digital data, publications, documents and descriptions are the property of Aliscio Cosmetics.
  • No part of Aliscio Cosmetics property may be copied, modified or used, either fully or partially, in any manner without written consent of Aliscio Cosmetics.
  • Registered Aliscio Cosmetic Consultants are provided with Aliscio Cosmetic details, documents and information including images, logos, publications and promotional material that they are permitted to use whilst doing Aliscio Cosmetic Consultancy duties.

Product Description

  • Aliscio Cosmetics attempts to provide accurate and current information including details and descriptions of Aliscio products.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics displays product information on their Site, in various publications, social media and other forms of communication.  Aliscio Cosmetics can alter, change or delete any content or product information at any time.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics provides and displays numerous images, including colour swatches, to assist buyers when selecting products to purchase.  Whilst Aliscio Cosmetics strive to provide these images accurately, they may differ to the actual product. Buyers should choose products carefully prior to placing an order.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics does not accept liability for any loss, injury or damage incurred to buyers due to the inaccuracy of product descriptions.
  • All Aliscio products are subject to availability and maybe withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of Aliscio Cosmetics. Buyers will be offered a refund or an alternative product if Aliscio Cosmetics are unable to provide a product.

Returns and Refunds

  • Please choose carefully. Aliscio Cosmetics do not normally provide refunds if a buyer simply changes their mind or makes a wrong selection. In circumstances where a product has been opened, used and/or tested, and the product is not faulty a refund cannot be given.
  • Unfortunately, Aliscio Cosmetics does not provide a refund, exchange or return policy for special offers, clearance offers or sale items.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics will be pleased to provide buyers with an exchange for incorrectly supplied products provided the product is unopened, undamaged and in its original condition.
  • Buyers are responsible for the return shipping cost for exchanges. All shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • In the circumstance where a product is found to be faulty or damaged, Aliscio Cosmetics will provide buyers a full refund or exchange for an alternative product.
  • If buyers are required to return products to Aliscio Cosmetics, the following process is to be followed:
  1. Contact Aliscio Cosmetics Head Office within 14 days of receipt of the product and advise their concerns and request a product exchange or refund. Buyers will need to provide their name and a copy of their relevant invoice.
  2. Pack product to be returned, ensuring the product is fully protected. Aliscio Cosmetics will not be responsible for damage to products unless the item/s being returned was damaged prior to being returned.
  3. Provided that Aliscio Cosmetics receive the product within 10 days of the original notification and in its original condition (unopened and unused), Aliscio Cosmetics will be happy to arrange for the original purchase price to be refunded or the product exchanged.
  • Buyers are responsible for any re-postage or shipping costs in the event that an order is returned to Aliscio Cosmetics due to the buyer supplying an incorrect address, or non-collection from the relevant local post office in time.
  • If a buyer is not happy with their purchase in general or for another reason (other than the product being faulty or damaged) they should contact Aliscio Cosmetics within 14 days of receiving the product. An Aliscio Cosmetics customer service representative will be happy to discuss the issue and arrange a suitable resolution. The products must be unused, unopened and undamaged. If the product is to be returned the buyer is responsible for all postage charges.

International Returns and Refunds

  • Aliscio Cosmetics do not offer returns or refunds for internationally purchased or shipped products.
  • International buyers are advised to choose carefully as refunds and exchanges are not provided.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics is not responsible for any damage or loss once an order has been lodged with a relevant shipping carrier.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics is also not responsible for taxes, duties or delays. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure their product order complies with any regulations regarding customs.

Postage and Shipping

  • Aliscio Cosmetics provides buyer’s with free shipping within Australia, on all orders with a total purchase price over $100.
  • For orders within Australia with a purchase cost of under $100, Aliscio Cosmetics charges a flat rate shipping charge of $4.95. This charge will be added to the buyer’s cart upon checkout.
  • Aliscio Cosmetics strive to dispatch orders within 48 hours. Buyers will receive an email confirmation once their order is shipped.   All orders within Australia are shipped via Australia Post. Australia Post requires someone to be present and sign for parcel. In the event someone is not present the parcel will be delivered to the buyer’s local post office and a notification card will be left for the buyer. Aliscio Cosmetics is happy to post to PO boxes.
  • Once an Aliscio Cosmetics order has been dispatched, buyers can expect to receive their order within the following timeframes:
    • Major Cities – 3 to 5 business days
    • Other Areas – 6 to 10 business days.
  • If the unlikely occasion occurs when an Aliscio product is out of stock it will be placed on backorder. In this instance the buyer will be notified by email and advised of the delay time. The product will be shipped to the buyer as soon as it is available and Aliscio Cosmetics will be pleased to be responsible for any associated shipping charges.